The Earlier chapter was the true story told by my wife, based on her own experience during, before and after the incident.  Now i would like to speak about what I remember before the attack and while I was dead.

My wife zu went down to get water and I was alone in the room. I remember suddenly seeing something scary an image a shadow coming towards me from the wall, which was the last thing I saw before the attack.

I saw myself in clouds, very scared looking here and there not knowing what’s going on. I remember seeing a huge man like figure in front of me which made me look tiny like I was only 3 inch tall. The description of that figure is better described in the picture which I posted earlier and also posted here. In the picture you will see the man like figure in white and very bright holding a scroll and looking at me. I do remember the face but won’t describe as I do not want error in describing.

OK!  so I am in the clouds and see a huge white bright man like figure with scroll in hand. He was angry , looking at me  this was his exact words” YOU HAVE COMMITTED MANY SINS “Seeing him in anger and hearing about my sins made me felt hell is close to me.

Then he said “BUT YOUR GOOD DEEDS ARE MUCH MORE HEAVIER THAN YOUR SINS” and pointed towards the giant golden weighing scale. The right arm of the scale was heavy (good deeds) and left side (sin) arm was lighter. (Please refer to the picture)

THAT WAS IT! NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS! This is the experienced which changed my life for better.        

As far as I know and read, God is the only one who will read from the scroll our sins and good deeds or hell and heaven. That was I saw the one who decided on my sins and good deeds.

So am I the man who has seen god and interacted with him ?


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