This is a true story and not an act of imagination and dream!

I have been residing in Philippine for past 4 years with my wife Zu and 3 year old daughter. The incident took place two years back at the time when I was struggling to establish my business but could not succeed.

One fine evening as usual I took shower and went to the bedroom to relax. It was dark in the room (I like dim light) I was sitting on the floor and working on something under the study table with small led light focused on the thing I was doing. Zu came to the room, went and sat on the bed .All of a sudden I leaned back on both my hands and turn my head (not 360 like movies)towards my wife who was sitting behind me on the bed at that time.

I turned my head and mumbled something which was not clear; zu heard my voice and asked if I need something.  I did not responded and turned my head back in front position. In another 15 seconds I repeated the same action of turning my head and mumbling.

At the second time Zu felt something is not right and quickly switched on the light!  ,I stood up normally as soon as the light was on, like nothing happened and told zu to get water for the bedroom.

It shook her world when she opened the door with water in hand. She saw me fallen on the bed, severely shaking, trembling and my hands-legs were very stiff. After few minutes of shaking and trembling  I stopped breathing and became unconscious .

Zu knew first aid and CPR and that was the first thing she did but no effect on me. she went crazy in shock and starting hitting me everywhere as hard as she could but nothing happened  it was like I died .

I was Dead  with no breathing , pale body and foam coming out of my mouth. Her first action of cpr was a great thing to do because our house is far from the city and it will be too late by the time ambulance will reach to assist.  I can’t express what she felt or what she was going through at that moment knowing that her husband died. She took my head on her lap and starting praying to god and went on praying before she will start alarming the neighbors and my daughter.

For 8 to 10 min I was dead and then suddenly I woke up from the dead and stood up trying to breath with difficulty because I could not , it took at least half hour for me catch my breath and come back to normal.



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