1st step in the real world of Money, Greed, Jealousy, Envy & Betrayal!

I still remember that day when my dad came home excited and shared the grand news. My dad was a cab driver and that particular day one of his foreigner passenger forgot a briefcase in his cab . My dad was a very honest cab driver , he went to find the foreigner so he can  return the briefcase.

That gesture of my dad’s honesty changed the entire life of our family . I have one brother and 3 sister which makes us 5 and plus mom and dad was not very easy for dad to earn and feed and educate us from driving cab.

So when dad gave the foreigner his briefcase, no doubt that he was very surprised and very thankful and touched with the honesty of my dad. The briefcase contained  important business documents.

The foreigner highly appreciated dad and offered him a permanent government job in the middle east with free ticket and accommodation.

He did grabbed it and that was the end of the life in the worlds biggest slum and start of a better life ..

Honestly and loyalty surely does pay off if not in this world than surely in afterlife.




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