Now that i have your attention!!

Being a lover boy from very young age  I would  fall in love the moment i see girl which attract me . At age 10, i told a 26 year old young lady  that i love her and wanted to marry her. The young lady just smiled and left. To my surprise she went to tell my mother  “your son want to marry me”..I was very much embarrassed and was hiding for several hours but I never gave up and will try to be close to the young lady as and when i had a chance to.

Studying  never did attract me and use to skip school every now and than not realizing the value of education and the effort put in by my family to pay for tuition.  In school i repeated a year in grade 4 and 7 due to wrong circle of friends.

There was only 2 good friends i ever had Jo and Norman from the same slum. we were all raised together from the very first day of the nursery school.

I do think of them and miss them every time i will sit back in my huge office and look outside through the huge glass.I wonder where they are and what they are doing because  we lost touch years back. Do not know if they are alive in good health  and how they are doing professionally . Because 3 of us use to dream of having an office like the one i had which was in one of the worlds iconic property , known and appreciated by the whole world because of the award winning  projects i developed.The training i provided was acknowledged worldwide by the most senior officials in gov sector.


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