Have you read my first blog?

I guess this is how it works, slow and steady to win the viewers. They say the blog should  be very catchy with extra spice if i want to get many views. Well I am not sure about the spices and ingredient but i am sure my blog will be quite colorful with no chance of being bored.

To start and roll the stories must be the most difficult part of writing a post. I never ever imagined of writing a blog and talking to my computer screen, Till recently.  I always thought  blogging is a silly thing for people who have nothing else to do.  BUT i was definitely wrong . A bit of research showed me the true potential of blogging and getting viewers .
I am glad to have started my blog at the age of 41, better late then never.  At the age 10, I hated to write and do homework given by school. Just wanted to play and play till the rain will flood our 1 room house and the entire area which was a regular thing because being the worlds biggest slum.

Luckily we had the wooden made terrace which helped us during time like this .Kids from the neighborhood will really enjoy the stagnant flood water as it was a fresh flowing spring. For many there was no choice other than going through the filthy stagnant water  to attend school and for parents to buy things to eat.

Some memories wont be erased and will stay with me till the end like the first time i was allowed to walk through the dirty water to attend the school. It was a unforgettable experience but not a very pleasant one. The water was not only the flood rain water but also the sewerage septic tanks overflow  . As i walked through the dirty water i went on praying to god to make me a big boat so i can use it during flood so i will sail through not walk through.







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