First blog post

I am just a common man who heard about blogging but was unaware of it purpose and never really took initiative to know more.. till recently . After doing some research, I understood blogging is a good platform to express and share about Life, Love, God & Me.

My Life has been full of experiences, Learning, Failure, Achievements, Winning- Loosing and  Rising up.

My Love has been like chapters of romantic movie with a twist filled with flowers, gift, Surprises, Kisses, Attraction, Lust &  Heart break .

My God has always been around and helped me through my Life which is full of Love– Patience- Money- Poverty-Strength- Envy- Jealousy-Success and Failure..

Chosen me as the one to show me all the  small & big mistakes i  did..  those good things i did; which was being weighed equally in a golden scale ..

Indeed, I am the reflection of the journey through Life.. Love.. and God.


One thought on “First blog post

  1. Life is definitely very unpredictable.. Also experience the same experience.. Have been very succesfull in life… then out if the blue had… failed.. Tried to get up butlose again.. and again.. And Continously experienced drastic challenges.. Tried to getup frm the ground. Seemed like no more chance for bright side of life.. Till the last strand of hope came.. By the help of someone.. And guide me to come back again. Pulled me from the mud of sorrows and hopelessness…

    In short
    . Rising failure and rising again is really possible as long as you have faith in God.. He will send someone to help you.. Perfectly in right timing:)

    Hope to hear more of your story..


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