The Earlier chapter was the true story told by my wife, based on her own experience during, before and after the incident.  Now i would like to speak about what I remember before the attack and while I was dead.

My wife zu went down to get water and I was alone in the room. I remember suddenly seeing something scary an image a shadow coming towards me from the wall, which was the last thing I saw before the attack.

I saw myself in clouds, very scared looking here and there not knowing what’s going on. I remember seeing a huge man like figure in front of me which made me look tiny like I was only 3 inch tall. The description of that figure is better described in the picture which I posted earlier and also posted here. In the picture you will see the man like figure in white and very bright holding a scroll and looking at me. I do remember the face but won’t describe as I do not want error in describing.

OK!  so I am in the clouds and see a huge white bright man like figure with scroll in hand. He was angry , looking at me  this was his exact words” YOU HAVE COMMITTED MANY SINS “Seeing him in anger and hearing about my sins made me felt hell is close to me.

Then he said “BUT YOUR GOOD DEEDS ARE MUCH MORE HEAVIER THAN YOUR SINS” and pointed towards the giant golden weighing scale. The right arm of the scale was heavy (good deeds) and left side (sin) arm was lighter. (Please refer to the picture)

THAT WAS IT! NOTHING MORE AND NOTHING LESS! This is the experienced which changed my life for better.        

As far as I know and read, God is the only one who will read from the scroll our sins and good deeds or hell and heaven. That was I saw the one who decided on my sins and good deeds.

So am I the man who has seen god and interacted with him ?



This is a true story and not an act of imagination and dream!

I have been residing in Philippine for past 4 years with my wife Zu and 3 year old daughter. The incident took place two years back at the time when I was struggling to establish my business but could not succeed.

One fine evening as usual I took shower and went to the bedroom to relax. It was dark in the room (I like dim light) I was sitting on the floor and working on something under the study table with small led light focused on the thing I was doing. Zu came to the room, went and sat on the bed .All of a sudden I leaned back on both my hands and turn my head (not 360 like movies)towards my wife who was sitting behind me on the bed at that time.

I turned my head and mumbled something which was not clear; zu heard my voice and asked if I need something.  I did not responded and turned my head back in front position. In another 15 seconds I repeated the same action of turning my head and mumbling.

At the second time Zu felt something is not right and quickly switched on the light!  ,I stood up normally as soon as the light was on, like nothing happened and told zu to get water for the bedroom.

It shook her world when she opened the door with water in hand. She saw me fallen on the bed, severely shaking, trembling and my hands-legs were very stiff. After few minutes of shaking and trembling  I stopped breathing and became unconscious .

Zu knew first aid and CPR and that was the first thing she did but no effect on me. she went crazy in shock and starting hitting me everywhere as hard as she could but nothing happened  it was like I died .

I was Dead  with no breathing , pale body and foam coming out of my mouth. Her first action of cpr was a great thing to do because our house is far from the city and it will be too late by the time ambulance will reach to assist.  I can’t express what she felt or what she was going through at that moment knowing that her husband died. She took my head on her lap and starting praying to god and went on praying before she will start alarming the neighbors and my daughter.

For 8 to 10 min I was dead and then suddenly I woke up from the dead and stood up trying to breath with difficulty because I could not , it took at least half hour for me catch my breath and come back to normal.



This is a true real life story about God & Me!


Dear God, I have tried my best to convert my experience in words and picture. Please forgive me if there are things i  have missed out or misunderstood or misspelled, though you know my intention is pure and only one to spread the message and let people know what you showed me. Thank you Lord and forgive me!

In my last blog i mentioned good deeds never go wasted even in hereafter..Why i said that so confidently ? Let me share the great moment and journey with all you people of faith from any religion and and of any color.



Honestly and loyalty surely does pay off if not in this world than surely it does in afterlife!

How i know that ? because i am the favorite child of god and he showed me the good deeds done never get wasted, Even after we die! How i can confidently say that because showed me and evaluated my sins and good deeds in the huge golden weighing scale . It was not a dream nor my imagination , it happened 2 years back . This has been my true inspiration to write a blog and let people know and understand the message showed to me.

At this moment of time i am not concern about number of views or liked or comments because i am sure all that will follow here. Right now i just want to write and write and write about the entire good and bad experience in this world and the message from hereafter …

1st step in the real world of Money, Greed, Jealousy, Envy & Betrayal!

I still remember that day when my dad came home excited and shared the grand news. My dad was a cab driver and that particular day one of his foreigner passenger forgot a briefcase in his cab . My dad was a very honest cab driver , he went to find the foreigner so he can  return the briefcase.

That gesture of my dad’s honesty changed the entire life of our family . I have one brother and 3 sister which makes us 5 and plus mom and dad was not very easy for dad to earn and feed and educate us from driving cab.

So when dad gave the foreigner his briefcase, no doubt that he was very surprised and very thankful and touched with the honesty of my dad. The briefcase contained  important business documents.

The foreigner highly appreciated dad and offered him a permanent government job in the middle east with free ticket and accommodation.

He did grabbed it and that was the end of the life in the worlds biggest slum and start of a better life ..

Honestly and loyalty surely does pay off if not in this world than surely in afterlife.




Now that i have your attention!!

Being a lover boy from very young age  I would  fall in love the moment i see girl which attract me . At age 10, i told a 26 year old young lady  that i love her and wanted to marry her. The young lady just smiled and left. To my surprise she went to tell my mother  “your son want to marry me”..I was very much embarrassed and was hiding for several hours but I never gave up and will try to be close to the young lady as and when i had a chance to.

Studying  never did attract me and use to skip school every now and than not realizing the value of education and the effort put in by my family to pay for tuition.  In school i repeated a year in grade 4 and 7 due to wrong circle of friends.

There was only 2 good friends i ever had Jo and Norman from the same slum. we were all raised together from the very first day of the nursery school.

I do think of them and miss them every time i will sit back in my huge office and look outside through the huge glass.I wonder where they are and what they are doing because  we lost touch years back. Do not know if they are alive in good health  and how they are doing professionally . Because 3 of us use to dream of having an office like the one i had which was in one of the worlds iconic property , known and appreciated by the whole world because of the award winning  projects i developed.The training i provided was acknowledged worldwide by the most senior officials in gov sector.


Have you read my first blog?

I guess this is how it works, slow and steady to win the viewers. They say the blog should  be very catchy with extra spice if i want to get many views. Well I am not sure about the spices and ingredient but i am sure my blog will be quite colorful with no chance of being bored.

To start and roll the stories must be the most difficult part of writing a post. I never ever imagined of writing a blog and talking to my computer screen, Till recently.  I always thought  blogging is a silly thing for people who have nothing else to do.  BUT i was definitely wrong . A bit of research showed me the true potential of blogging and getting viewers .
I am glad to have started my blog at the age of 41, better late then never.  At the age 10, I hated to write and do homework given by school. Just wanted to play and play till the rain will flood our 1 room house and the entire area which was a regular thing because being the worlds biggest slum.

Luckily we had the wooden made terrace which helped us during time like this .Kids from the neighborhood will really enjoy the stagnant flood water as it was a fresh flowing spring. For many there was no choice other than going through the filthy stagnant water  to attend school and for parents to buy things to eat.

Some memories wont be erased and will stay with me till the end like the first time i was allowed to walk through the dirty water to attend the school. It was a unforgettable experience but not a very pleasant one. The water was not only the flood rain water but also the sewerage septic tanks overflow  . As i walked through the dirty water i went on praying to god to make me a big boat so i can use it during flood so i will sail through not walk through.







First blog post

I am just a common man who heard about blogging but was unaware of it purpose and never really took initiative to know more.. till recently . After doing some research, I understood blogging is a good platform to express and share about Life, Love, God & Me.

My Life has been full of experiences, Learning, Failure, Achievements, Winning- Loosing and  Rising up.

My Love has been like chapters of romantic movie with a twist filled with flowers, gift, Surprises, Kisses, Attraction, Lust &  Heart break .

My God has always been around and helped me through my Life which is full of Love– Patience- Money- Poverty-Strength- Envy- Jealousy-Success and Failure..

Chosen me as the one to show me all the  small & big mistakes i  did..  those good things i did; which was being weighed equally in a golden scale ..

Indeed, I am the reflection of the journey through Life.. Love.. and God.